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StumblerPlus doesn't work on firmware 3.0 (iPhoneOS 3.0), because Apple80211.framework was gone. I have no solution of this problem yet. (written on 22th June, 2009) StumblerPlus-1.2rev2.tar.gz is available on 24th June, 2009. This version was built on SDK 3.0 and this works only on iPhoneOS 3.0. If you want to use this version, you download and you have to extract this in your iPhone / iPod touch.

How to install StumblerPlus-1.2

First, you copy StumblerPlus-1.2rev2.tar.gz into your iPhone.

  $ scp StumblerPlus-1.2rev2.tar.gz root@<your-iPhone-IPaddress>:/tmp/

Next, you login your iPhone via ssh.

  $ ssh -l root <your-iPhone-IPaddress>

Last, you extract tar archive after you changed current working directory to
"/Applications", not "/var/root/Applications".

  # cd /Applications
  # mv
  # tar zxf /tmp/StumblerPlus-1.2rev2.tar.gz
  # exit

How to install StumblerPlus-1.2 (another way)

You should use MobileTerminal in Cydia instead of using SSH. First of all, you must install MobileTerminal and wget from Cydia. The procedure is below.

First, you launch MobileTerminal app.

Next, you run the following commands.

  # cd /tmp

  # wget

  # cd /Applications

  # mv

  # gunzip -dc /tmp/StumblerPlus-1.2rev2.tar.gz | tar xpf -

Last, you stop MobileTerminal.

And you will be available new StumblerPlus!

Temporary FAQ

Recently I received the same problem that StumblerPlus crashes on launching. The solution of the problem is that you should change the owner from 'root' to 'mobile' in your '/var/mobile/Documents' directory if the owner is 'root'. The MobileFinder in Cydia will be very useful for you to change the owner. I think a certain application changes the owner/permission of the directory.


StumblerPlus 1.1.6rev1 has been available in Cydia repository on November 25, 2008. The v1.1.6 was released on November 11, 2008. The latest version of binary archive is StumblerPlus-1.1.6rev2.tar.gz which was only added zh_CN.lproj and zh_TW.lproj as Chinese translation on November 18, 2008 and ru.lproj as Russian translation on December 9, 2008. I made sure the v1.1.6 runs on firmware 2.2 on November 24, 2008. All binary archives are available in Download.


If ChangeLog in Cydia repository is stuck on old version, you may take a look at ChangeLog for StumblerPlus.

Known Bugs

If you have some troubles using StumblerPlus, first you should read Known Bugs for StumblerPlus.


The StumblerPlus is a Wi-Fi network finder. It will scan for Wi-Fi networks and gather some useful information about them such as the signal strength, encryption type and the geographical location. It can also manage the results of scanning. And later, you can view the Wi-Fi AP with Google Map.

Basic Usage

When you open the application, you will get the main screen where you will notice a Scan button in the upper left corner. When you touch Scan, you will get a list of Wi-Fi networks in the area. You can then select a network and get more info about it. If You will get more information for StumblerPlus, touch 'i' button in the upper right corner;


Technical Notes

The StumblerPlus can manage the Wi-Fi AP information with SQLite3 database. The database file exists as '/var/mobile/Documents/stumbler.db'. The original SQL file are in '/Applications/'. If you need the csv formatted text data, the following way will help you.

  # cat <<EOT | sqlite3 stumbler.db > data.csv
  .mode csv
  SELECT * FROM wifidata;


See ToDo for StumblerPlus.


Ohad Azolay, thank you for new icon. Michael Sze, thank you for Chinese translation. Roman Korolyov, thank you for Russian translation. All of users, thank you very much for good advice and requests.


You can get the latest and older binary archives if you need.