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SysInfoPlus-1.2-20100706 version is available and it's compiled on SDK 4.0. This is more stable version than any other olders. This version supports iOS4 and iPhoneOS 3.x (iOS3), not support iPhoneOS 2.x (iOS2). On iOS4, SysInfoPlus may also show IPv6 address of your iPhone. You can check the connectivity using ping6 on MacOS X.

You can use SysInfoPlus-1.1-20090716 version which was compiled on SDK 3.0 and fixed a bug of incorrect amount of memory showing. But this is not release version and this works only on iPhoneOS 3.0. If you want to use this version, you download SysInfoPlus-1.1-20090716.tar.gz and you have to extract this in your iPhone / iPod touch. SysInfoPlus-1.1-20090707 also supports Brazilian Portuguese.

How to install SysInfoPuls-1.2

First, you copy SysInfoPlus-1.2-20100706.tar.gz into your iPhone.

  $ scp SysInfoPlus-1.2-20100706.tar.gz root@<your-iPhone-IPaddress>:/tmp/

Next, you login your iPhone via ssh.

  $ ssh -l root <your-iPhone-IPaddress>

Last, you extract tar archive after you changed current working directory to
"/Applications", not "/var/root/Applications".

  # cd /Applications
  # mv
  # tar zxf /tmp/SysInfoPlus-1.2-20100706.tar.gz
  # exit


I submitted this application to App Store as $1 paid App on December 30, 2008. However the application has been rejected by a reviewer for two months. So I decided to provide it with Cydia on March 1, 2009. The difference of SysInfoPlus from the App Store's one is that this App enables you to terminate any processes of mobile user.



The SysInfoPlus shows various information and system status such as system information, process status, memory status, disk space, network routing tables and so on.


You can read SysInfoPlus ChangeLog from first release until now.

Known Bugs

If you have some troubles using SysInfoPlus, first you should read SysInfoPlus Known Bugs.


See SysInfoPlus ToDo.


Sagitt, thank you very much for Italian translation. Pedro, thank you very much for Spanish translation. Carlos, thank you very much for Brazilian Portuguese translation. All of users, thank you very much for bug reports and good comments.


You can get the latest and older binary archives if you need.